13th May 2022: “Il Corsaro”, a magnificent ballet production at the Opera of Rome with “Etoile” Jacopo Tissi in the role of Conrad

Italian dancer Jacopo Tissi was already well-known in the world of dance to be one of the best dancers of his generation, which was definitely consacrated with his nomination as “Etoile” of the Bolchoi in december 2021 by Makhar Vaziev. He decided to come back to Italy in March 2022 and became a guest first dancer in the Scala Corps de Ballet, directed by ex French Etoile Manuel Legris.

In this warm springtime saturday evening, Rome was glittering with enthusiasm when appeared on stage the young and talented Jacopo Tissi in the role of Conrad, the main character of “Il Corsaro”, a classic of the repertoire, re-managed by world famous choreographer José Carlos Martinez.

The audience was captivated at once, as soon as Tissi appeared in the first scene, when his beloved Medora was about to be sold as a slave somewhere back in time in the Ottoman Empire. His graceful movements together with the unique charm of his magnetic presence on stage made many hearts beat faster…

The very special choreography of Martinez made the plot much easier to follow for the spectator but preserved the most famous moment of this utmost masterpiece of the classical repertoire of western ballet. Together with his beautiful Georgian partner, Maia Makhateli, Jacopo Tissi gave energy and elegance, with strength and delightful smiles in this very difficult ensemble of dancing movements, which render this “pas de deux” absolutely fabulous and unforgettable.

We do hope that Jacopo Tissi will come back to Rome as soon as possible. Doubtlessly, the intensity of the cheerful applause at the end of the performance could be clearly translated into a “Please do not leave us too long before bringing your art again in the Eternal City” !

My gratitude to Fabrizio Sansoni for the gorgeous photos.

Sisowath Ravivaddhana Monipong, 13th May 2022

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