Marchigiano dell’Anno 2016: My friend Sergio Palma

As every year, the Prize of the “Marchigiano dell’Anno”, i.e. of the Marchigiano of the Year was held on June 22nd, 2016 in the prestigious location of the Italian Senate, in the heart of Rome in Palazzo Madama.

I was extremely honoured to present the prize to my friend, Sergio Palma, who was thus rewarded by the Italian Presidency due to his admirable work in the field of Oil Trade and Management that he fulfilled all along these years of work within the Italian firm of AGIP.

Together with me was AGIP Vice-President Giuseppe Accorinti to give Sergio Palma his Prize.

Needless to say that his wife, Margareth (of Indonesian descent) and his son David were tremendously proud on this very special occasion.


Our thoughts were directed to our common friend, Princess Giulia Pignatelli Panichi Seghetti who had us meet years ago in her lovely mansion of Castel di Lama, Borgo Seghetti Panichi, together with Marquess Vincenzo Grisostomi Travaglini, present in the Senate on this unique venue.


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