“Rodin et la Danse”, articolo di Sua Altezza il Principe Sisowath Ravivaddhana Monipong in “L’Opera- International Magazine”, Luglio-Agosto 2018

“Rodin et la Danse”, articolo di Sua Altezza il Principe Sisowath Ravivaddhana Monipong in “L’Opera- International Magazine”, Luglio-Agosto 2018 su Auguste Rodin, la sua passione tardiva per la danza e “Neang Vaddhana Devi”, ultima creazione di Sua Altezza Reale la Principessa Norodom Buppha Devi, Direttrice del Balletto Reale di Cambogia.

Da notare, le bellissime foto del fotografo svizzero Helmut Stampfli



23rd-25th June 2018: 1st Opera singing international competition in Penne, Italy

The Auditorium San Giovanni in Penne, Abruzzo, Italy

My mentor, in Opera matter, Maestro Vincenzo Grisostomi Travaglini and my beloved fraternal friend, Maestro Gianni Maria Ferrini were invited by Maestro Michela De Amicis to participate in the jury of the 1st Opera singing international competition of Penne, which took place from 23rd to 25th June 2018 in this lovely little town of Abruzzo, near Pescara on the Adriatic Coast.

Maestro Vincenzo Grisostomi Travaglini, Maestro Michela de Amicis, Maestro Gianni Maria Ferrini and Maestro Piergiorgio Del Nunzio

The participants came from allover the world, from Mexico to Japan, China and Italy. In the meantime, other classical music competitions involved young talents from Russia and other countries, among which…. Cambodia !

Posing with the six finalists of the competition

We were received by dynamic and cheerful Professor Lidia Dutillo, President of Le Muse Music School, who accompanied us to a lovely little cottage, Villa Emma, where the owners, Stefania and Giancarlo Delle Monache took care of us the way only Italians can do: with charm, discretion and warmth, and above all, an unforgettable breakfast, made of the utmost fresh products of the surrounding countryside.

At Villa Emma, His Highness Prince Sisowath Ravivaddhana Monipong with Stefania and Giancarlo Delle Monache, the owners, Maestro Michela de Amicis and Maestro Vincenzo Grisostomi Travaglini

On the first evening, Maestro Michela De Amicis, together with her two friends, Maestro Rosella Masciarelli and Maestro Angela Petaccia, brought us a marvellous gift: A concert with their six hands, entitled “Trio pianiste all’Opera”, three fantasies inspired by “Rigoletto”, “Traviata” and many Puccini’s Opera Arias. I was in heaven…. We ended up to have dinner together and as I was telling my admiration, Maestro Rosella Masciarelli held me their CD: such a special moment !

From left to right: Professor Lidia Dutillo, Maestro Vincenzo Grisostomi Travaglini, Maestro Rosella Masciarelli, Maestro Angela Petaccia, Maestro Gianni Maria Ferrini. Seated: Maestro Michela de Amicis and His Higness Prince Sisowath Ravivaddhana Monipong

The jury of the Opera competition was presided by Maestro Leone Magiera, best friend of late world wide famous Luciano Pavarotti, and I had the occasion to meet with him and his very nice wife, Dottoressa Lidia La Marca as well as energetic and smiling Soprano Patrizia Orciani, accompanied by handsome tenor Carlo Baricelli. Maestro Vincenzo Grisostomi Travaglini and Maestro Gianni Maria Ferrini completed with their respective competences this pannel of the highest level. The singers were accompanied all along the competition by young and talented Maestro Piergiorgio Del Nunzio.

The Opera jury: Maestro Carlo Baricelli, Maestro Patrizia Orciani, Maestro Leone Magiera, Maestro Vincenzo Grisostomi Travaglini, Maestro Gianni Maria Ferrini

The three Opera singers who robbed my heart (and were selected as well by the jury) were Mariana Valdés from Mexico, Mae Hayashi from Yokohama and Ruiyang Xu from China. Not only were they exceptional voices, with a variety of colours and sensual shades, but they are three marvellously beautiful ladies. We all fell under their charms !

His Highness Prince Sisowath Ravivaddhana Monipong with the adorable Mariana Valdés and the gorgeous Mae Hayashi, the two winners of the first Prize
With beautiful Ruiyang Xu, the winner of the third Prize

At the final evening, I was granted the pleasure to meet with 17 year-old Cambodian violonist, Sokhema Di Croce, originally from Battambang and who was adopted by her Roman parents when she was only 11 months. I was raptured by the power of her interpretation and I hope to re-meet her very soon in Rome. Maestro Gianni Maria Ferrini already promised her to organise a concert at Ariadimusica, in which she will be able to show her great talents.

From left to right: Mr. and Mrs. Di Croce, Maestro Gianni Maria Ferrini, Sokhema Di Croce, His Higness Prince Sisowath Ravivaddhana Monipong, Maestro Vincenzo Grisostomi Travaglini



After the gala concert, we got together with the “Happy Few” and had a funny and relaxing dinner in a place called “il Chicco Verde” and finished with a delicious ice-cream at “La Regina”, property of Signora Irma where my friends, Maestro Sacha De Ritis and his student, Mattia Carugno explained to me some tricks to play their favourite instrument: the traverse flute.

Mattia Carugno, His Highness Prince Sisowath Ravivaddhana Monipong, Maestro Sacha De Ritis

16th June 2018: Second edition of “Vissi d’arte sulle ali del grifo”, a fund-raising Gala Evening at Castello Grifeo in Partanna, Sicily.

Castello Grifeo in Partanna (Sicily)

On Saturday 16th June 2018, as promised two years ago, Prince Giuseppe Grifeo di Partanna decided to gather some friends once again in the Castle of his ancestors in Partanna, Sicily. Thanks to Dottore Domenico de Gennaro and the “Il MedioEvo” Association, the funds reunited in occasion of this Gala Dinner will be used to restore two wonderful masterpieces of Sicilian XVIIIth Century.

An overview of the Gala Dinner on 16th June 2018 at Castello Grifeo in Partanna (Sicily)


Marquis Vincenzo Grisostomi Travaglini and His Highness Prince Sisowath Ravivaddhana Monipong, in a fraternal embrace with Prince Giuseppe Grifeo di Partanna

Before dinner, Prince Giuseppe Grifeo di Partanna invited Maestro Vincenzo Marrone d’Alberti, togetehr with his talented young student, Maesto Luca Lione to play romantic pieces of Chopin, Lizst and Brahms and my emotion was at its utmost level, when  I heard the notes of Ravel’s “Ma Mère l’Oye”, a surprise for Prince Grifeo (who particularly appreciates this piece of music) but also for me, as Ravel composed it right after attending the performance of the Royal Ballet of Cambodia at Pré Catelan in Summer 1906, following King Sisowath in state visit.

Maestro Vincenzo Marrone d’Alberti and Maestro Luca Lione interpreting with grace and sentiment Maurice Ravel’s suite “Ma Mère l’Oye”.

The funds gathered two years ago served to restore a magnificent statue of San Giovanni Battista, a glory of Sicilian medieval wood sculpture tradition.

Mayor Nicolà Catania and Doctor Domenico (Mimmo) de Gennaro revealing the beautiful newly restored statue of San Giovanni Battista

Many friends of Prince Giuseppe Grifeo di Partanna have participated with enthusiasm to this prestigious Gala evening and the celebration went on, until late into the summer night, among laughs and joyful jokes of a merry company, who promised to do it again very soon !

The arrival of Doctor Domenico (Mimmo) de Gennaro and his charming wife, Doctor Rosalia Crescenti, our charming hosts on this auspicious day.
Our dear friends, Mr. Rafaele Beninati and his gorgeous wife, Mrs. Giovanna Maria Ciolino, who prepared for the happy few of us the most incredibly delicious “pasta” with the world famous red shrimps of Mazara, the day before !
Glamourous Agata Palazzo, in a splendid evening ensemble of bronze silk, together with Prince Giuseppe Grifeo di Partanna


Happy gathering at the end of the evening, around young promising Tenor Roberto de Gennaro Crescenti, Meastro Vincenzo Marrone d’Alberti, His Highness Prince Sisowath Ravivaddhana Monipong, Prince Giuseppe Grifeo di Partanna, Photographer Angelo Campus, Doctor Antonio Roberto Tartamella and talented young Maestro Luca Lione.

Needless to say that this enchanting evening is still alive in our hearts and we are looking forward to going back to this lovely area of the Beautiful Sicily.

All my gratitude and sincere thanks to our marvellous photographer, Mr. Angelo Campus.





26th May 2018: Royal Audience granted by His Majesty King Norodom Sihamoni and Her Majesty Queen-Mother Norodom Monineath Sihanouk to Marquis Vincenzo Grisostomi Travaglini and His Highness Prince Sisowath Ravivaddhana Monipong

On Saturday 26th May 2018, in Phnom Penh,  His Majesty Preah Karuna Preah Bat Samdech Preah Boromneath King Norodom Sihamoni  and Her Majesty Queen-Mother Norodom Monineath Sihanouk granted me and Marquis Vincenzo Grisostomi Travaglini the honour of a Royal Audience in Khemarin Palace at 11.00 a.m.



Their Majesties had honoured us with beautiful Royal gifts, silver hand-made traditional plate and box, the re-published Book of the Music of His Majesty King Norodom Sihanouk and the DVD on the Preah Sihanouk Museum.



We had then the honour to raise to Their Majesties’ High attention the reporting about our last activities in the field of opera: “L’elisir d’amore” in Manila last October and “Cavalleria rusticana” in Phnom Penh next September.


Before leaving, Their Majesties renewed Their best wishes for the success of Our projects and our souls felt deeply blessed by the Royal esteem and affection both Sovereigns granted us with.




“I Giardini delle Apsara” : Presentazione del primo viaggio in Oriente de La Marca Verde al Circolo Cittadino di Ascoli Piceno il 4 Maggio 2018

Invito circolo x mail

Venerdì 4 maggio 2018, al Circolo Cittadino di Ascoli Piceno è avvenuta la presentazione del primo dei viaggi internazionali a cura dell’Associazione La Marca Verde, che ci porterà nel gennaio 2019 in Cambogia, nell’antico regno dei Khmer e delle sue Apsara, ninfe celesti, divinità della musica e della danza che risiedono da oltre un millennio nei sontuosi templi di Angkor, la più vasta aerea sacra del mondo, tra giardini, foreste e dove la natura si fonde in un tutt’uno con l’ingegno dell’uomo.

monument at wat phnom landmark temple in Phnom Penh Cambodia

L’itinerario avrà inizio a Phnom Penh, l’attuale capitale del Regno con visite a Palazzo Reale, alla Pagoda d’Argento e i suoi incantevoli giardini e a Wat Phnom, dove la tradizione vuole che nel XIII sec. sia nata la città: l’antico tempio sulla vetta di una collina verdeggiante. Molte altre visite, senza dimenticare una serata dedicata alla danza, una forma d’arte sacra in Cambogia e di cui la massima espressione è il Balletto Reale.  Bellezze del passato e meraviglie del futuro ed anche un’immersione nell’artigianato di un Paese dalle antiche memorie, quali il trattamento della seta tra le più pregiate, del marmo e del legno.

Ta Prohm

Il viaggio proseguirà  nelle antiche capitali dell’Impero nell’area archeologica di Angkor presso Siem Reap, dove a testimonianza di un glorioso passato sono tutt’oggi presenti oltre duecento templi, nel cuore di una giungla che nei secoli ha avvolto gli edifici molti dei quali, dopo un attento restauro, sono tornati all’originario splendore. Attorniati da un paesaggio favolistico di verde e di acqua si potranno ammirare i celebri canali d’irrigazione, progettati da un’ingegneria a tutt’oggi insuperata.

Ballo dei petali di fiori

A seguito della presentazione del viaggio, una degustazione di prodotti tipici della mia terra,  con un menù che prevede il Nataing: piatto della tradizione Reale a base di macinato di maiale e latte di cocco; Insalata di pollo alla menta: piatto tradizionale della vita quotidiana in Cambogia con pollo, foglie d’insalata, cetrioli, carote, menta e coriandolo; Spezzatino di manzo o vitella alla Khmer: tipico della regione di Phnom Penh, con citronella, galanga e limone keffir; Banane flambée alla maniera di Re Sihanouk: banana, Rum, zucchero e … un bicchiere di vino, Rosso Piceno, ben Marchigiano !

Rossolando lo spezzatino di vitello al Kroeung Khmer
Insalata di pollo alla citronella, Nataing al coriandolo e riso ( Photo credits: Domenico Oddi )
Gli ospiti alla scoperta di sapori esotici dalla lontana Cambogia ( Photo credits: Domenico Oddi )

Ringrazio con affetto il Presidente de La Marca Verde, la Principessa Stefania Pignatelli Gladstone, il Marchese Vincenzo Grisostomi Travaglini, il Circolo Cittadino di Ascoli Piceno , con una particolare gratitudine al mio caro Amico Peppe Ceccarelli, i Chef Gianluca Mannocchi e Alessio Panìco per aver reso possibile una serata cosi armoniosa, alla scoperta della Cambogia e delle sue meraviglie.

La Principessa Stefania Pignatelli Gladstone, Presidente de La Marca Verde con il suo caro cugino, il Marchese Vincenzo Grisostomi Travaglini ( Photo credits: Domenico Oddi )

Vorrei ringraziare caloraosamente il Presidente Ferruccio Squarcia per l’impeccabile accoglienza da parte del Circolo Cittadino di Ascoli Piceno, in linea con la migliore ospitalità che caratterizza il territorio delle Marche, sempre generosa ed elegante. I nostri Paesi sono lontani, eppure così vicini nella condivisione di valori, nel rispetto delle tradizioni e nella visione di un futuro dai più ampi orizzonti. Mi auguro con il mio intervento non solo di aver promosso una lodevole iniziativa de La Marca Verde, di cui mi pregio di essere socio, ma di aver aperto una finestra di conoscenza sul Regno di Cambogia, così come non manco occasione di lodare la Terra dei Piceni, dove mi sento accolto come in una seconda patria.

Il Nataing è pronto ! In compagnia dei miei nuovi amici Chef, Gianluca Mannocchi e Alessio Panico


Vorrei, in fine, porgere i miei sentiti ringraziamenti al nostro grande fotografo, Domenico Oddi , che, grazie al suo talento, ha immortalato questo momento importante con sensibilità e gusto.


Stanco ma felice ! ( Photo credits: Domenico Oddi )

Vorrei, in fine, porgere i miei sentiti ringraziamenti al nostro grande fotografo, Domenico Oddi , che, grazie al suo talento, ha immortalato questo momento importante con sensibilità e gusto.


8th April 2018: Sanda Pandza’s Gala Dinner “Think equal, be different!” or how to put together Beauty, Elegance and Glamour with charm and kindness !

WP ACADEMY – “Noi non siamo i migliori o meglio degli altri perché l’umiltà è alla base del nostro pensiero. Di sicuro diamo il meglio di noi stessi in tutto quello che facciamo perché amiamo condividere la passione e l’amore per il nostro lavoro con chi la pensa come noi e con chi crede in noi.
L’uguaglianza, la lealtà e l’onestà è il motore che ci spinge verso la ricerca di quella bellezza che non deve tramontare mai: la ricchezza dei rapporti umani perché solo nei rapporti con gli altri che si ottengono i risultati migliori.”

In occasion of the end of the Spring session of the Wedding Planner Academy, Sanda Pandza, THE fairyevent maker based in Rome had the smashing idea to organise a somptuous gala dinner at Villa Aurelia on the Gianicolo, gathering all the best providers in terms of catering, floral design, entertainment, photographer, etc…

In company of Sanda Pandza, la Maga dei matrimoni di lusso e di gusto

After four days of intensive courses dealing with the various topics around the theme “How to become the ideal wedding planner”, Sanda invited all her eighteen students (including me and my delicious colleague, Cristina Procaccini from Borgo Seghetti Panichi in Castel di Lama, Ascoli Piceno) to actively participate in the “making of” of this magic evening. We were asked to be obedient and kind towards the Banqueting almighty “Signora Valentina” who taught us how to dress up a table, measuring the distance between plates, glasses, forks and knives, taking into account the magnificent flower compositions of Maestro Andrea Patrizi.

Sanda Pandza, Andrea Patrizi e Valentina Picca Bianchi

Then we watched with most attention the setting up of the light designing features by Nico Celano and the creations of two “Open Bars” of great Ivan Visentin, who, after touring the world, especially Australia and South-East Asia, chose to follow his heart and stopped in the Eternal City where love and sucess were two good reasons for him to dwell in !

With legendary Barman Ivan Visentin (OffSide Events)

In the meantime, Giuseppe Voci, Alessandro Iasevoli and Roberto Marchionne, photographers and videomakers from Latitude41 studio, together with charming Alessandro Zingone and young Paolo Furente were bursting into butterfly moves around the gorgeous ladies, who not only were wearing the marvellous wedding gowns created by Cinzia Ferri but also looking for the most beautiful smiles among the invitees of this very glamourous dinner.

Creazioni di Cinzia Ferri

Last but not least, the entertainment chapter: we were absolutely enchanted by the Fadlun singing brothers and the young and beautiful Oumy N’Diaye who brought us their voices as a gift, a very pleasant “preludio” to the dancing party, which lasted late into the night.

The Fadlun Brothers and DJ Leo Alessandrelli
During the Gala Dinner…
Splendid Oumy N’Diaye
Beautiful Sanda Pandza, posing next to the Imperial Table

Event Planner: Sanda Pandza Events
Venue: Villa Aurelia
Catering: Whitericevimenti Banqueting & Luxury Events
Floral design: Andrea Patrizi Nunzia Stefania de Iuliis
Light design: Nico Celano
Open Bar: OffSide Events
Dinner music: Benny Baruch Fadlun
DJ: Leo Alessandrelli
Vocalist: Oumy N’Diaye
Bridal Designer: Cinzia Ferri
Readings: Barbara BicomeBi Folchitto
Photo: Giuseppe Voci Alessandro Iasevoli ZingOne At The Wedding
Video: Roberto Marchionne Paolo Furente
Dance: Giulia Cencioni
Assistant: Viviana Battaglione
Make up: Raffaele Fabbricatore Martina Russo
Hair: Daniele Doria
Rental: Preludio Noleggio
Flowers: Meijer Roses



Point de Vue N° 2372 – 14 janvier 1994 Chantal de France : Une Princesse au pays des Mandarins

Article de Pierre Bastien paru dans le numéro 2372 de “Point de Vue” du 14 janvier 1994 dans lequel est relatée ma rencontre avec Son Altesse Royale la Princesse Chantal d’Orléans et son époux, le Baron François-Xavier de Sambucy de Sorgue lors de leur voyage à Beijing en Décembre 1993.

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