2nd March 2019: Sokhema Di Croce, a young and talented violinist, born in Cambodia, invited by Maestro Gianni Ferrini to perform at Ariadimusica Music Academy in Rome, Italy

In june 2018, at the final evening, I was granted the pleasure to meet with 16 year-old Cambodian violonist, Sokhema Di Croce, originally from Battambang and who was adopted by her Roman parents when she was only 11 months. I was blown blissfully away by the power of her interpretation and I really hoped to re-meet her very soon in Rome. Maestro Gianni Maria Ferrini already promised her to organise a concert at Ariadimusica, in which she would be able to show her great talents.

From left to right: Annamaria Cima & Luciano Di Croce, the parents of Sokhema, Maestro Gianni Ferrini, Sokhema di Croce, Sisowath Ravivaddhana Monipong & Maestro Vincenzo Grisostomi Travaglini .

The day has finally come and on Saturday 2nd March 2019, Sokhema performed in front of more than 120 persons in the concert hall of Ariadimusica Music Academy, on the Casilina in Rome.


The young violinist chose a rather complex and not easy programme, from Lalo to Saint-Saëns, Mozart, Sarasate and Wieniawski… We were all taken by her absolute talent, her juvenile grace and the elegance of her eyes, that she lifted to the sky after each movement of the concerto or symphony she played…


She was accompanied at the piano by Maestro Edina Bak, from Hungary, remarkable for her sensitivity and subtle attention, always in rhythm with her young and beautiful partner.


While Sokhema was taking a breath before the second part of her concert, Maestro Gianni Ferrini invited his youngest pupil, Ms. Himari Sugiura from Japan to sit at the piano and perform Chopin, Galuppi & Mozart…


The performance of Himari was breathtaking : the public was litterally raptured by the fluent fingers of the little oriental girl and the applause was enthusiastic.



Sokhema came back and we all fell in catharsis at the end of her sublime “bis” and the hands were clapping and clapping, giving the young and charming artist the fair reward and recognition due to her talent and hard work.


Among the numerous audience, Dottoressa Pinuccia Pitti, President of the Marianna Foundation with her friend, Maria Carla, Professor Vincenzo Gagliani Caputo, Dottoressa Silvia Cassini of the Opera of Rome and many other personalities of the culture and music world, who came to listen to these young promises of classical music.

Sokhema Di Croce, emotioned after her concert. On the right, Maestro Michela De Amicis, President of the International Music Festival Città di Penne and Maestro Gianni Ferrini, founder of Ariadimusica Music Academy.




Marianna Foundation : XXIst edition of the “Carta Artistica Universale” The Right to Education and Knowledge for the Progress and Dignity of Woman in all Nations.

On Tuesday 19th February 2019 was held in Rome at the Italian Air Force Club, known as “Casa dell’Aviatore” the official launching of the XXIst edition of the “Carta Artistica Universale” The Right to Education and Knowledge for the Progress and Dignity of Woman in all Nations.


The text of the “Art Universal Map” was graciously written this year by Dottoressa Stefania Giannini, UNESCO Assistant Director-General for Education.


In the Grand Ball Room, President Pinuccia Pitti invited many personalities to attend this special event, listening to poetry and music along with interesting speeches and reports by eminent specialists, such as Professor Laura Quadarella Sanfelice di Monteforte, Paolo Meucci, Antonella Cassisi and many others.


The opening of the event was granted to Princess Elettra Marconi Giovanelli, who shared with us some of her memories as a child of her father, Nobel Prize Professor Marquis Guglielmo Marconi. Her great sense of humour, together with her natural and spontaneous tone contributed to the warmest applause of the evening.

Vinny Elettra

Right immediately after the Princess’ speech, came the time of the “Interculturality” moment, when a young student is rewarded for his particular skills, coping with intercultural aspects of life. An interesting introduction was done by Dottoressa Antonella Cassisi, UNESCO in Italy,

Antonella Cassisi

and the Prize was given by Colonello Massimo Palombelli, Director of the Italian Air Force Club to Adriano Pirandello, the great greatgrandson of Nobel Prize Luigi Pirandello, whose mother, Glenda Sevald is from Uruguay and Israel.

Adriano Colonello

This year, the Marianna Foundation Prize for “Per non dimenticare” went to Maria Slodowska Curie for her lifetime works and studies. His Excellency Mr. Christian Masset, Ambassador of France in Italy came personnally to receive the Prize and the Polish embassy sent a lady from the cultural services.

AmbF Polonia

The French Ambassador in his thanking remarks declared his emotion to receive this reward in the name of all French and his gratitude to such an emblematic character of Universal history, pointing out the fantastic works achieved by Marianna Foundation and its President Pinuccia Pitti, taking Art as a medium to spread world wide Human Rights ideals.

Ravi Piuccia AmbF 2

AmbF speech


The next Prize “Una vita per Amore e Giustizia” went to a magistrate from Calabria, Luigi Maffia, State vice-prosecutor in Catanzaro for his remarkable work, fighting mafia and corruption. Dottor Pietro Lucchetti, from the Quirinale Palace, was proud to confer this special distinction to such a heartful and courageous Civil Servant.

Lucchetti Maffia Pinuccia

Professor Alberto Garcia, Director of the UNESCO Chair in Bioethics and Human Rights at Regina Apostolorum Universiy in Rome, delivered an interesting speech on Women and Bioethics.

Pinuccia Antonella Alberto

The next lecturer was Dottoressa Annaclaudia Giordano who spoke about Women and literature in a very unique review of some contemporary italian novels.

Annaclaudia Giordano

She was followed by Professor Laura Quadarella Sanfelice di Monteforte who gave a very complete overview of fights against terrorism world wide and was unanimously applauded.

Laua Sanfelice

Paolo Meucci from the European Parliament made a special intervention, giving us the European point of view on the topics of this year “Art Universal Map”


The “Bouquet Final” of the event was illustrated by the special Prizes confered to four exceptional Ladies,  leaders in their field:

Professor Sofia Corradi, the “mother” of Erasmus

Pinuccia Sofia Corradi Ravi

Professor Laura Comi, Etoile and Director of the Ballet School of the Opera of Rome

Vinny Pitti Comi


Maestro Beatrice Venezi, the youngest woman to be an international orchestra conductor

Ravi Venezi

Dottoressa Romilda Ferrauto, Vice-Director of the Press Room at the Vatican received her Prize from the hands of Admiral Ferdinando Sanfelice di Monteforte

Ammiraglio Pinuccia Ferrauto

The artistic part of the evening was fulfiled by young artists, who collaborate with the Ariadimusica Music School, founded and directed by Maestro Gianni Ferrini, among whom the marvellous Himari Sugiura, a young pianist (7 years old) from Japan, who received a special Prize as a young feminine hope for the future.


Himari 1

Ludmila Bova, a friend of the Foundation, plays lovely pieces from movie soundtracks.

Ludmila Bova

Two young musicians from Mexico, Samuel Chavira Florès and Fernando Ramsés Peña Diaz entertained the audience with violin and piano arias from Mexico and “Nessun Dorma” of Puccini.



The poems were read by:

Salvatore Puntillo, who read poems of Pinuccia Pitti and Emanuele F. M. Emanuele

Salvatore Puntillo

Debora Do Rosario from Brazil, who read “Mulher” of Eliomar Ribeiro de Souza


Filip Maksymiliam Walis from Poland, who read “Niepewnosc” of Adam Mickiewicz


Sisowath Ravivaddhana Monipong from Cambodia, who read “Amitié de femme” of Alphonse de Lamartine

Ravi 2

A very emotional moment: the reading of two letters:

Pinuccia Pitti, President of Marianna Foundation read the “biblical letter” of hermit Mirella Muià


Vincenzo Grisostomi Travaglini who read a letter from Edwige Lurton-Michon, Wine producer from France

Vinny 190219

The conclusion of the event was made by On. Nicola Galloro.


Among the guests of the Marianna Foundation,  Giuseppe Grifeo di Partanna, Francesco Durante (TV2000), Photographer Angelo Campus, Psychanalist Danilo Zarbo-Moncada di Soria, Claudio Caruseli, Gianni Maria Ferrini and his wife, Marina Caviglione, Nino Peluso, Loredano Luciani Ranier, Stefano pignatelli di Cerchiara, Milena von Rex, Fabio Cassani Pironti, Ester de Mijo d’Ajeta, Anna Pavoni, Gloria Cappadonia, Carolina Facioni, Valerio Monda and many others who enjoyed the cocktail and prosecco until late in the evening.


All the photos of the event were taken by talented photopgrapher Laura Cannia, whom I warmly thank for her permission to use her works for this article.




Courtesy call on His Excellency Monsieur Christian Masset, Ambassador of France to Italy, together with Mrs. Pinuccia Pitti, President and Founder of the Marianna Foundation for Human Rights and Marquis Vincenzo Grisostomi Travaglini

Pinuccia 141218 bis

On Friday, 14th December 2018 at 3.00 PM, His Highness Prince Sisowath Ravivaddhana Monipong paid a courtesy call on His Excellency Monsieur Christian Masset, Ambassador of France to Italy, together with Mrs. Pinuccia Pitti, President and Founder of the Marianna Foundation for Human Rights and Marquis Vincenzo Grisostomi Travaglini, Artistic Advisor of the Foundation. During the conversation were exchanged views on the development of the Marianna Foundation, especially a special event in collaboration with the French Embassy during the second semester of 2019.

Pinuccia 141218
From left to right: Marquis Vincenzo Grisostomi Travaglini, Ambassador Christian Masset, Mrs. Pinuccia Pitti & Prince Sisowath Ravivaddhana Monipong 



“Non fidarti del Cielo”, articolo di Francesco Germinario su “Cavalleria rusticana a Phnom Penh”, pubblicato nel numero di Novembre 2018 in “L’Opera International Magazine”

“Non fidarti del cielo, non fidarti delle stelle, / Non fidarti della moglie che dice di non avere amanti… “ ; questo antico detto Khmer sembra adattarsi perfettamente alla novella di Giovanni Verga da cui è tratta l’opera: “Cavalleria Rusticana” con musica di Pietro Mascagni, proposta in “prima” assoluta per il Sud-Est Asiatico a Phnom Penh il 28 e 29 settembre, nell’ambito del Festival di musica promosso dalla catena Sofitel.
Un evento di vaste proporzioni che ha richiamato nella capitale della Cambogia, l’antico impero dei Khmer, un pubblico internazionale e una rappresentanza di alto prestigio, con una significativa rappresentanza della Famiglia Reale presente la sorella maggiore di Sua Maestà il Re: S.A.R. la Principessa Bopha Devi; autorità tra cui il Ministro della Cultura signora Phoeung Sakona che ha fortemente appoggiato l’iniziativa e l’Ambasciatore del Giappone Hidehisa Horinouchi che nell’occasione ha voluto celebrare i 65 anni di relazioni diplomatiche tra l’Impero del Sol Levante ed il Regno di Cambogia.

Promotore dell’iniziativa l’Associazione “Cambodia Opera Project” di recente formazione su iniziativa dell’artista giapponese Ai Iwasaki, formatasi in Italia alla scuola di William Matteuzzi e interprete del ruolo di Santuzza. Sempre di stampo italiano il tenore cambogiano Khuon Sethisak quale Turiddu, che apprese l’arte del canto con Carlo Bergonzi.

“Un canto di popoli”, così è stato definito questo “abbraccio universale” per “Cavalleria Rusticana” con artisti e promotori dal Giappone, Cambogia, Italia, Francia … e nel coro anche dal Camerun e dall’Olanda.

Un’ orchestra di giovani formatasi per l’occasione con partecipanti dal Giappone, dalla rinata scuola di musica classica di Phnom Penh e ancora dalla Thailandia, Francia, Regno Unito, Australia.

Una compagnia veramente internazionale, completata dal baritono giapponese Hideya Masuhara (Alfio), dal contralto giapponese Mari Jinnai e nel ruolo di Lola il 28 settembre il soprano cambogiano Y Marinette e il 29 la giapponese Miki Maesaka. Direttore di un’orchestra quanto mai entusiasta: Jun Lisaka del New National Theatre di Tokyo. Regista per questo evento che ha visto per la prima volta rappresentata in Cambogia un’opera nella sua integralità Vincenzo Grisostomi Travaglini coadiuvato da S.A.R. il Principe Sisowath Ravivaddhana Monipong che nella sua qualità di Ambasciatore della Real Casa di Cambogia ha voluto così favorire un canale privilegiato di scambio tra le culture di diversi Paesi e in particolar modo con l’Italia. Hanno, inoltre, collaborato giovani delle scuole d’arte scenica di Phnom Penh e i bambini orfani che hanno trovato nella musica un nuovo stimolo ed emozionante interesse. Disegno luci di Giovanni Pirandello.

Successo quanto mai clamoroso, per la recita del 28 dedicata ai giovani delle scuole superiori e delle università e per il “gala” con una sala stracolma e standing ovation con un applauso che sembrava non voler terminare.

Photo credits: Koki Tsumura



22 Novembre 2018: Conference – Dinner at Rotary Roma EUR


I wish to extend my warmest thanks to President Rocco Recce and his marvellous Prefect, Mrs. Francesca Staiti who organised a very pleasant evening with so many lovely people around the theme of “Women and Holiness in Cambodia”

Rotary 1
Receiving the Rotary Roma EUR flag and medal from President Rocco Recce


Con Oli e France
In company of Prefect Francesca Staiti and Mr. Olivier Michon, Rotary du Médoc, France


In company of Archeologist Lorenza Ilia Manfredi and Prefect Francesca Staiti


Pinuccia e me
With my beloved Dottoressa Pinuccia Pitti, President of Fondazione Marianna
Ritratto Ufficiale
Official Portrait by Italian photographer Fabrizio Zaccarello

My infinite gratitude for the kindness and the patience of photographer Fabrizio Zaccariello and his colleague, Gianmarco Costa

28th October 2018 : Sanda Pandza and Valentina Picca Bianchi created once again an enchanted evening in the Eternal City with fabulous “Butterfly Effect Emotional Gala Dinner”

Ms. Sanda Pandza and Ms. Valentina Picca Bianchi, the two creators of this magic moment

The two fairies of the magic evenings of Rome came back on 28th October 2018 at MAXXI to bring us a magnificent gift in occasion of the Fall session of Sanda Pandza’s Wedding Planner Academy: The “Butterfly Effect Emotional Gala Dinner” was the occasion not only to give a pratical application of a week of intensive trainings and lessons, but also a way to gather the best professionals in the event organisation camp to create a splendid, innovative but always elegant event.


This time, the accent was put on trasparency, lightness and fluidity.

First, the marvellous Welcome of Butterflies at the entrance with the sublime evergreen floral design of Great Andrea Patrizi.

Marquis Vincenzo Grisostomi Travaglini and myself welcomed by Ms. Sanda Pandza, the Golden Goddess of the Evening

Then, the surprise of the “Emotional” dinner: tying a black silk ribbon in a fluid knot on your eyes, listening to your inner feelings and letting explode in your mouth the flavours cooked by Chef Fabio, under the protective look of gorgeous Valentina Picca Bianchi, dynamic director of Whitericevimenti.



Afterwards, the magnificent “Butterflies” will invite you from one table to another, to obey the elementary principles of liberty and love to gain happiness….


The explosion of emotions happened after dinner, when Magus Ivan Visentin, Director of Offside Events, opened his enchanted Open Bar and made us drink love elixirs and potions until late in the night, with the charming ladies of the Evening who took the shape of colourful butterflies…

Enjoying refined cocktails, made by handsome Ivan Visentin for the happiness of all “Lady-Butterflies” and their “cavaliers”

Then, the party began with fantastic musicians, enigmatic female creatures….



A magnetic and irresistible will to enjoy life in the heart of the night darkness suddenly occurred and we got the rhythm to dance the whole night through…thanks to Sanda’s magic, kindness and glamour as always.

Sanda, we love you ! Come back soon, with another celebration to make us think that we are the smartest people on Earth….but aren’t we ?

The WPA 2018 Fall Promotion
Thank you so much, Darling Sanda…. until next time !

My heartfelt gratitude to photographer Daniele Pierangeli and his assistant for the very nice pictures !

Event planning & Design: Sanda Pandza Events
Catering and design: Valentina Picca Bianchi
Chef: @fabio_materiaprima
Floral design: Andrea Patrizi
Light design & mapping: Tecnoservice 2000
Open Bar: OffSide Events
Music Design: Vasco Alessandrelli
Vocalist female: Oumy N’Diaye
Vocalist male: @joshuajackofficial
DJ: Leo Alessandrelli
Photo: Jay Studio – Wedding Photography
Video: @thomasdelorenzofilms
Arredi: ELE Light
Performance: Giulia Cencioni
Special thanks to: Antonella Lionetti
Location: LINEA e TYPO al Museo MAXXI

“Rodin et la Danse”, articolo di Sua Altezza il Principe Sisowath Ravivaddhana Monipong in “L’Opera- International Magazine”, Luglio-Agosto 2018

“Rodin et la Danse”, articolo di Sua Altezza il Principe Sisowath Ravivaddhana Monipong in “L’Opera- International Magazine”, Luglio-Agosto 2018 su Auguste Rodin, la sua passione tardiva per la danza e “Neang Vaddhana Devi”, ultima creazione di Sua Altezza Reale la Principessa Norodom Buppha Devi, Direttrice del Balletto Reale di Cambogia.

Da notare, le bellissime foto del fotografo svizzero Helmut Stampfli