28th October 2018 : Sanda Pandza and Valentina Picca Bianchi created once again an enchanted evening in the Eternal City with fabulous “Butterfly Effect Emotional Gala Dinner”

Ms. Sanda Pandza and Ms. Valentina Picca Bianchi, the two creators of this magic moment

The two fairies of the magic evenings of Rome came back on 28th October 2018 at MAXXI to bring us a magnificent gift in occasion of the Fall session of Sanda Pandza’s Wedding Planner Academy: The “Butterfly Effect Emotional Gala Dinner” was the occasion not only to give a pratical application of a week of intensive trainings and lessons, but also a way to gather the best professionals in the event organisation camp to create a splendid, innovative but always elegant event.


This time, the accent was put on trasparency, lightness and fluidity.

First, the marvellous Welcome of Butterflies at the entrance with the sublime evergreen floral design of Great Andrea Patrizi.

Marquis Vincenzo Grisostomi Travaglini and myself welcomed by Ms. Sanda Pandza, the Golden Goddess of the Evening

Then, the surprise of the “Emotional” dinner: tying a black silk ribbon in a fluid knot on your eyes, listening to your inner feelings and letting explode in your mouth the flavours cooked by Chef Fabio, under the protective look of gorgeous Valentina Picca Bianchi, dynamic director of Whitericevimenti.



Afterwards, the magnificent “Butterflies” will invite you from one table to another, to obey the elementary principles of liberty and love to gain happiness….


The explosion of emotions happened after dinner, when Magus Ivan Visentin, Director of Offside Events, opened his enchanted Open Bar and made us drink love elixirs and potions until late in the night, with the charming ladies of the Evening who took the shape of colourful butterflies…

Enjoying refined cocktails, made by handsome Ivan Visentin for the happiness of all “Lady-Butterflies” and their “cavaliers”

Then, the party began with fantastic musicians, enigmatic female creatures….



A magnetic and irresistible will to enjoy life in the heart of the night darkness suddenly occurred and we got the rhythm to dance the whole night through…thanks to Sanda’s magic, kindness and glamour as always.

Sanda, we love you ! Come back soon, with another celebration to make us think that we are the smartest people on Earth….but aren’t we ?

The WPA 2018 Fall Promotion
Thank you so much, Darling Sanda…. until next time !

My heartfelt gratitude to photographer Daniele Pierangeli and his assistant for the very nice pictures !

Event planning & Design: Sanda Pandza Events
Catering and design: Valentina Picca Bianchi
Chef: @fabio_materiaprima
Floral design: Andrea Patrizi
Light design & mapping: Tecnoservice 2000
Open Bar: OffSide Events
Music Design: Vasco Alessandrelli
Vocalist female: Oumy N’Diaye
Vocalist male: @joshuajackofficial
DJ: Leo Alessandrelli
Photo: Jay Studio – Wedding Photography
Video: @thomasdelorenzofilms
Arredi: ELE Light
Performance: Giulia Cencioni
Special thanks to: Antonella Lionetti
Location: LINEA e TYPO al Museo MAXXI