Enchanting Gala Evening at Castello Grifeo di Partanna in Sicily


On Saturday 25th June 2016, Prince Giuseppe Grifeo di Partanna decided to gather some friends in the Castle of his ancestors in Partanna, Sicily. Thanks to Dottore Domenico de Gennaro and the “Il MedioEvo” Association, the funds reunited in occasion of this Gala Dinner will be used to restore two wonderful masterpieces of Sicilian Middle Age.

Prince Giuseppe Grifeo di Partanna greeting his friends: Mrs. Anna Maria Napoli and her husband, Mr. Vincenzo Mendolia, owners of the delicious “Baronessa” Olive Oil and the Della Rocca brothers, Daniele & Massimo, from Martina Franca
Partanna_129_25_giugno_2016 (1)
In company of Dr. Domenico de Gennaro and his wife, Dr. Rosalia Crescenti and Onorevole Nino Oddo and his wife

The Grifeo family is one of the most antique and famous names of Sicily. Their ancestor, Giovanni Grifeo the First was rewarded the territory of Partanna in 1091 by Earl Ruggero of Sicily in gratitude for his help to fight against the Arabic invaders and since then, the Grifeo family became “Grifeo di Partanna”.

Prince Giuseppe Grifeo di Partanna showing me his impressive Genealogy
Partanna_21_25_giugno_2016 (1)
Castello Grifeo in Partanna

Their impressive castle was the marvellous settings where many VIPs decided to get together to enjoy the most delightful evening of the beginning of the summer with typical Sicilian dishes and above all, a piano concert by two young and brilliant artists, Luca Lione and Giulia Martiniello, students of Maestro Vincenzo Marrone d’Alberti.

Luca Lione & Giulia Martiniello, students of Maestro Vincenzo Marrone d’Alberti


Maestro Luca Lione interpreting with grace and sentiment an unforgettable masterpiece of Franz Liszt

Needless to say that this enchanting evening is still alive in our hearts and we are looking forward to going back to this lovely area of the Beautiful Sicily.

Partanna_121_25_giugno_2016 (1)
Il Marchese Vincenzo Grisostomi Travaglini in compagnia della nostra cara Amica, Maria Alberta Corradi-Cervi, Marchesa di Piantogna

All my gratitude and sincere thanks to our marvellous photographer, Mr. Angelo Campus.